Carnival Ambassadors!
13 July 2017

Retiring Ambassadors 2018


Frome Carnival Committee are incredibly excited to announce a huge change to the town carnival! This year there will be no ‘carnival royalty’, but instead the committee proudly introduces the new position: Carnival Ambassador.

This new and exciting role is open to both males and females. There will be a total of five ambassadors, made up of:

    Three young ambassadors, aged between 7 and 12 years.
    Two ambassadors, aged 13 plus (no upper age limit).

The carnival ambassadors will play an essential part in both the afternoon and evening carnival processions, like the royalty in past years, on our carnival float. In addition, they will be asked to represent the carnival at town events, promote the charitable aspect of the carnival and help with fundraising.

Selection is due to take place on the evening of September 1st at the newly refurbished town hall. There will be no ‘beauty pageant’ aspect to this event, but instead the selection will be judged by a small panel who will ask each entrant a few questions about what would make them a great ambassador.

For more information, please contact Frome Carnival on Facebook or you can download an entry form from the Frome Carnival website.

Written By Emily Denne