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Frome Carnival takes place on a Saturday towards the end of September. The Carnival Association is divided into three groups; the Carnival Committee, the Charities Committee and the Trustees of the Association. There are different members in each group. Although some members serve on both of the first two groups. The Carnival Committee is involved in actually arranging a carnival and raising money for charity. They organise the choosing of the adults’ and children’s Carnival Queens, the Miss Teenager and Carnival Gran. They arrange the printing and distribution of Carnival entry forms and the sorting of those entries into groups with marshals; they prepare the programme, supported by local advertising, and arrange other entertainments during the week. The committee also deal with advertising in the local press or radio, prepare the park site for the children’s parade and arrange the decoration of the children’s floatand adults’ Carnival Queen floats; write endless letters, including those for marshals and judges from other carnivals and arrange to look after them and feed them between the two parades. And then, the day after the Carnival — count all those coins!!

The money that has been collected is then handed to the Charities Committee which uses it throughout the year to give help to those who are in need in the Frome area and surrounding villages. The cases are suggested by doctors, health visitors, the C.A.B. and individuals, and are carefully investigated by the committee members. Recommendations are then made to the Trustees for approval. Privacy and confidentiality are very important and great care is taken to ensure that your money is put to the best possible use.

The Carnival Association help by supplying food, heating, bedding, transport and all manner of home comforts. It may provide wheelchairs and holiday breaks; and in recent years has donated health and educational aids to several groups in the area. Perhaps this gives you an idea of the work involved with raising money for this charity. The Carnival is run by a very small committee which is always keen to hear from anyone wishing to join them. It is not hard work, the committee meets once a month, usually on a Monday. There are many ways in which YOU could help. If you feel you would like to come to one of our meetings, or would like to offer help on Carnival Day only, please get in touch.

If you know of anyone in need of help, (many people in real need are reluctant to come forward), please contact us.



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