Oasis Carnival Club

Oasis Carnival ClubOasis Carnival Club formed in the year 2000.

The Club enters the Tableaux Class which means standing motionless for maybe up to two hours and although that may sound a bit of a task it’s surprisingly enjoyable. Also at my age it’s easier than jigging about on a feature float.

The Club has had much success with its recent entries such as “Disney” 2002, “Amythyst” 2003 and “Things That Go Bump In The Night” 2004.

The Club has recently been able to purchase land and will soon begin to build a purpose-built shed, large enough to house a 100ft float.

Recently we have been unable to enter Frome Carnival as we no longer own a generator and to hire for one day alone costs over £1000. It is hoped we will be able to purchase again in the future.

Members do however support the Carnival by participating in the Parade with our friends from Blandford Forum’s Magnum CC.

As part of Carnival, we’re involved in a very active social life: socials, discos, quizzes. barbeques, etc.

Should you wish to find out more about our Club please do contact our
secretary on 01373 302946. Help is always welcome.

Trevor Knight

Alients Carnival ClubAliens Carnival Club

Aliens Carnival Club was officially formed back in 1995 by family and friends many of whom had originally competed
in carnivals as individual walkers.

In 1995 the first entry was chosen and entered into the
Wessex Grand Prix of Carnivals, with a group of masqueraders
as “Grease Lightning”.

Over the next six years the club grew and was increasingly successful both in the Wessex and Somerset County Circuit and in 2000 we won County Cup in our class for our entry “Mesheeca”. We then took the decision that we would progress to a mounted entry and in 2001 we built our first cart, and entitled our entry “Dancin”. We followed this with an Egyptian themed entry “lmhotep”. This entry was very successful for the club, in 2002 we won 39 trophies.

“Cinders” was the title of our entry in 2003, a cart designed on the fairytale Cinderella, unfortunately our season didn’t start as a fairytale as we didn’t make it to the first carnival of the year, Trowbridge! 2004’s entry was named “Devil’s Nightmare”, a gothic entry.

This year sees our tenth year anniversary and we hope that our entry will be a testament to all the hard work of our members and show just how much we have achieved over the last ten years.

Aliens Carnival Club meet every month at The Ship, Old Ford, Frome. We have members from Frome, Gillingham and the surrounding areas. New members are always welcome! We are always in need of people to help with building, painting, sewing, fundraising (you may have seen our Food Wagon at the Fetes in Victoria Park!!) and performers for the carnival entry.

Interested in finding out more? Visit our website www.alienscc.co.uk.

3 G’S Carnival club

3 G’S Carnival club was formed in 2002. The Club enjoyed great success in its first year winning every carnival it attended and also collecting the Overall Wessex Trophy for their class. The entry, named “Totsy Turvey”, was loved by the crowds and judges alike. In 2003 the club had to take a year off due to financial problems but club members worked really hard fundraising and managed to raise enough funds to buy much needed equipment for the following year.

Last year’s entry, “Trak Attak”, also did very well at the local carnivals, collecting lots of prizes, including the Wessex Trophy for our class again.

For 2005 the club have gone mounted! The entry is called “Tuktuaduka”,
but you will have to wait until carnival day to see what the theme is!!

We would like to thank the people of Frome for their generous donations and support at local fundraising events. Thanks also goes to Masqueraders Carnival Club for all their help, Mr & Mrs Blew for their support and our main sponsor this year, Balti Delight of Frome.

Belvaunic Carnival Club

Belvaunic was formed in 2004, consisting of family members whose initials from their first names make up B.E.L.V.A.U.N.I.C. Their first entry was
called Bangkok and was based on a Thai theme.

They won five first places, one second and one third on the Wessex Circuit and also won Formula Two in their Class. They also took part in the November carnivals, getting fourth place at Midsomer Norton. They are also looking for new members. Anyone interested should ring Laura on 01373451802.

Carab Carnival Club

CARAB CC formed in 2005 and consists of a local family of individual masqueraders each displaying very differing themes and costumes.

Abbie (Mum) has been in carnival for many years starting when in 1982 she was Frome's Children's Carnival Queen. Today Abbie is an active member of Frome Carnival Committee and acts as Children's Carnival Queen Chaperone. Abbie successfully entered the 2005 Carnival Season for the first time as an Adult Individual masquerader with an entry named 'Arctic Queen'.

Blake (son), aged 9, has been a regular entry in the Frome afternoon processions and in 2005 entered many of the evening Wessex GP Circuit and Somerset Guys Fawkes Circuit Carnivals with his entry 'Eye Eye Captain'.

Carina (daughter), aged 6, first entered Frome Children's Carival in 2001 and has been in every one ever since. In 2005 Carina, with an entry name 'JIGPLOSION', successfully took part in 21 Carnivals, including for the first time all of the evening Wessex GP Circuit, Somerset Guy Fawkes Circuit and M-S-N carnivals. Carina in her first year as a single juvenile masqerader won the Formulae 3 Wessex GP Cup, won 3 of the Somerset Guy Fawkes Circuit Town Cups and was also runner up in County.

2005 was a very successful year for the new club and the members would like to thank all those who helped them along the way - in particular Dad for road crew support and encouragement and to all the family involved in costume design and construction.

Here's to a great new Carnival Season!


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