"Get involved and have some fun! Frome Carnival accepts entrants of all types and sizes, from walking entrants, to small vehicles right up to large floats…"

"You are all welcome!"

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Classes And Prize Money For All Competitors

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Each entry will be judged, with the best being awarded first, second and third place as well as special award trophies.

Vehicle Classes
1. Open Tableau. (The Jennings Cup.) Appearance money £300
2. Open Feature. (The Beswick Cup) Appearance money £300
3. Open Comic. (The Frome Selwood Cup) Appearance money £300
4. Juvenile. (The Huckyduck Shield) Appearance money £300
5. Local. (The Don Eames Cup) Frome based entries only. Appearance money £300
6. Trade. (The Carnival Trade Cup) One vehicle per firm. (£25 Entrance fee) £25 entrance fee - No Appeance Money

Walking Classes
7. Non-Motorised, carts, trollies, cycles, prams. (The Home in Frome Trophy)

All Ages, Props Allowed.

Appearance money £35
8. Adult Group of Masqueraders. (The Amor Cup)

Over 16 years. Lights and music allowed on accompanying undecorated vehicle.

Appearance money £40
9. Juvenile Group of Masqueraders. (The Violet & Stanley Pleasants Cup)

Up to & inc 16 years. Lights and music allowed on accompanying undecorated vehicle.

Appearance money £40
10. Pairs, Adult or Juvenile. (The Woodland Carnival Cup) Appearance money £35
11. Adult Masquerader (The Frome Carnival Cup)

Over 16 years. Wheeled accessories (pushed or pulled by hand) allowed where appropriate to costume

Appearance money £30
12. Juvenile Masquerader (The Carab Carnival Cup)

Up to and including 16 years. Wheeled accessories (pushed or pulled by hand) allowed where appropriate to costume.

Appearance money £30
13. Miscellaneous. (Non-trade.)

Anything goes, walking or motorized. Entries not catered for in any other class.

Appearance money £50
14. Majorettes Class. Troops will be placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd First place being awarded majorettes shields.


The assembly area is located on Manor Road from the Butts roundabout to the junction of Manor Way and Furlong Road (for the transport display). All vehicles must enter the estate via the Sainsbury roundabout. Participants will need to use the Frome by-pass, coming into Frome from the Shepton Mallet roundabout on the B3090. The road will be kept clear with no waiting cones allowing carts to easily muster along the road. Either end of this assembly area is marshalled with two Marshals, and a Lead Marshal managing zone 1. The assembly area itself and entrance within are under the control of the Procession Manager. The assembly area will be in place from 15:00 and maintained for the duration of the event.

Please be in your position on the line-up as soon as possible by 16:00 as VSO inspections will be taking place. Any carnival clubs not in the line-up by 17:00 may not be inspected due to time limitations and unable to participate. Drivers of carts are must be ready to move their vehicles at 18:45. There is a 5 MPH speed limit within Manor Furlong, manor Way and Manor Road.The procession will leave the area at 19:00.

Walking entries

Walking entries should assemble by 18:15. Walking entries are requested not too collect during the procession and to walk in the centre of the road.


The procession will end at Frome Football Club. Vehicles should stop after the football club and as directed by the Procession Manager or Lead Marshal. The carnival will arrive at the dispersal area at approximately 22:30. Carts will turn their lights and audio off and moving parts as soon as the carts have entered the dispersal area. A shuttle bus will operate from 17:00 (dispersal area) to 18:30 and 22:00 to 23:00 taking participants leaving their cars at the dispersal zone back to the assembly area. Cars are parked at the far end of the dispersal area and a long the road side so as not to obstruct emergency traffic.To exit the dispersal area carts/ vehicles once fully broken-down, must continue in the same direction as the parade down the Clink Road turning left towards the A361 Berkeley Roundabout.

Shuttle Bus

Frome Carnival provide an evening procession shuttle bus to help transport participants between the assembly area and the dispersal area. Because there are a limited number of seats and shuttle runs you must book a ticket in advance for each person wanting to use the bus. Contact Secretary Manager, Kevin Sivell for further information and booking. This service will operate from Approx. 16:30 and the last pick up at 18:15.


There will be parking restrictions along the whole of the procession Route.

Please note that Frome’s town centre car parks will not be accessible once the road closures are in place. Cars will not be allowed in or out of the car parks while the closures are in place. Please check the route map below in advance if you are planning on using the car parks.

Please note that the road closures will remain in place once the procession has passed, this is for public safety. Roads will need to be clear of the public before they are reopened and this may create delays. Although the Traffic Regulation Order allows us to maintin the road closures for the entire duration of the procession until 00:00, we will always try and open roads a soon as possible when it is safe to do so.

Judging and presentations

Judging will be en-route. Details of the judging procedure will be sent with your Class Cards on receipt of a completed entry form.

All judging will be carried out during the procession. There will be no marking if the procession is stationary for more than 2 minutes.

Presentations of trophies (The trophies and Cups are to be held for one year )and prize money will take place at Frome Town Football Club as soon as possible (Approx. 22:30) after the procession and all participants are very welcome to attend.

Judging Categories

(All Categories Marked Out Of 20.)

Classes 1 To 5. Float Build up & Decoration, Costume & Make-up, Tableau/Feature/Comic Effect, Lighting Effect, Appropriate Music and Overall Effect

Class 6. Trade. Vehicle Decoration, Lighting Effect and Overall Effect.

Classes 7, 8, 9, 13. Build-up & Decoration, Costume & Make-up, Lighting Effect, Appropriate Music, Entertainment & Overall Effect.

Classes 10, 11 & 12. Costume & Make-up, Presentation, Entertainment Value & Overall Effect

Special Awards

The Overall Best from classes 1 to 5 will receive the Butler & Tanner Social Club Cup.

The Overall Best from classes 10 and 13 will receive the Arthur Cornish Cup.

The Most Entertaining Comic Entry in the Procession will receive the Staplemead Cup.

The Overall Best from classes 9 and 12 will receive the Frome Colts Juvenile Masqueraders Cup

The entry judged to have the Best Costumes from classes 1 to 5 will receive the Frome Carnival Shield.

The second place Best Costumes will receive the Runner Up Shield

The Best Local Wessex Circuit Entry will receive the Roy Butler MBE Cup

The Best Dressed Driver of a Decorated Towing Vehicle will receive the Aliens C.C. Cup

Chairman’s choice – all Classes Chameleon Rose Bowl

The Best Turned Out Majorette Troupe in the Procession will receive the Frome Carnival Majorette Shield.

The entry judged to have the Best Costumes from classes 7 to 14 will receive the Town Crier Best Costume Cup.

One Entry chosen, will receive the Town Crier Spirit of Carnival Cup.

The Best Dressed Collector will receive the Frome Carnival Collectors Cup.

The Best Dressed Group of Collectors will receive the Roy Barnes Cup.

The Best Marching Band will receive the Whitlock Shield.

The entry judged to have the most originality will receive the. Arcadia Cup

Printable form

Printable Evening Procession Entry Form