You can get involved and support your Carnival.
"We have opportunities to get involved throughout the year, we'd love to hear from you!"

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Do you want to get involved in the carnival? Well there are loads of roles we would love you do be involved with on the night.


Marshalls are critical to event safety. Marshals man the road closures along the route ensuring traffic does not enter the road closure, other responsibilities include answering questions from drivers and moving the road closed signs should emergency vehicles need access.

We need Marshals for both the afternoon and evening procession but you’re not expected to do both, unless you want to!

As a marshal you will be provided with a radio, we’ll show you how to use it, and a high-vis tabard. You will be given lunch and a briefing on the day, before you go to your position. You won’t be on your own, you will always be in pairs.

You don’t need any experience, just warm clothing and wet weather gear (just in case).

Traffic Management

“Who puts out and collects the road signs and cones”, I hear you ask!

Well, this is done by a small group of volunteers before the event. The yellow advanced warning signs need to go out at least 4 weeks before the event and are collected within the week after. The road cones need to go out the day before and the red road closed signs placed next to the correct roads on the morning of the event and collected as the road closures are lifted.

Do you think you could help with any element of this role, you don’t have to do it all… many hands make light work. Let us know if you could help.

Also, we are always in need of trailers and vehicles to help, could you help?

Frome Carnival Sellers

For the first time in 2017 Frome Carnival trialled selling its own flashing toys. Up until 2017 all the toys sold by peddlers who were not a part of Frome Carnival and did not give any money to the Carnival. Now everything we sell raises money for local good causes!

We want you to have fun and interreact with the crowd and raise money. Could you help sell? All you need is enthusiasm and you can go in fancy dress if you like!

You will need to be able to walk or ‘wheel’ the length of the route or man a stall on the route. We’ll provide you with an official Frome Carnival Seller’s tabard.


Fancy being a steward? Stewards a located in pairs along the route. Their role is to look after the crowd, making sure they’re not too close to the parade, answering questions and helping with lost children.

We need stewards for both the afternoon and evening procession but you’re not expected to do both, unless you want to!

You don’t need an experience, just warm clothing and wet weather gear (just in case), we’ll give you a tabard and you will be given a briefing before you start on the day and food before the evening procession.

Silver Control Loggist

Silver Control located in Frome Fire Station is the hub of operations, this is where the decisions are made and all communications are managed. Silver control operates throughout the day for both the afternoon and evening processions. A loggists role is to record all these decisions and communications providing a critical real-time record of what’s happening supporting the safe running of the event.

Anyone can do this role, you need to be able to write and listen to radios. We’ll provide you with food and as much tea and coffee as you want!

You don’t have to do the whole day, let us know how you can help.


An army marches on its stomach… well so does a Carnival. We always need help preparing and serving food to all the hard-working marshals, stewards and carnival volunteers.

We need help before the event and on the day, and don’t worry you won’t miss the carnival.


Frome Carnival is all about raising money for good causes and this is made possible by the volunteers who walk the route shaking buckets or cans. We need as many collectors as possible and we’d to have you.

If you can walk or ‘wheel’ along the route you are perfect for the role. You need big smiles, enthusiasm, and fancy dress if you want, we’ll give you a high-vis tabard and a memorable evening.

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