Carnival has been in Frome since 1929 having been founded by Mr Alan Bennett together with others who worked at that time for Butler and Tanners, a local printing firm who are still one of the main employers in the town.

Frome carnival grew in popularity over the years and this was aided by the fact that Mr Bennets daughter Hazel met and married Mr Roy Butler M.B.E. he became known as "Mr Carnival" and was well known in the community for his dedication to the carnival charity which was formed to help local people in need.

It is now a Registered Charity and the proceeds from the activities during carnival week are used to help both local individuals and groups who are in need. Roy and Hazel worked throughout their lives for Carnival and all it stands for.

The way in which the money is given has changed a little over the years as coal was the main item that individuals were in need of. Now with the help of our trustees, we have been able to help the Local Hospital with necessary equipment, the local scout group with a water supply at their local camp site and tents, Riding for the Disabled, play groups and many others who have needed assistance. Social Services and the local Citizens Advice Bureau both approach us for help with cases that they come across, but anyone can approach us if they or someone they know is in need.

We now belong to the Wessex Circuit which was founded a few years ago.

We have also, over the last few years had to comply with all the new Government health and safety regulations, this has meant that we needed a building in which to store all of the Road signs Cones etc that are now required. We can now keep under cover our Queens Floats under cover which have in the past been kept in the open and thus deteriated somewhat. We also store the very popular Father Christmas float which tours the town each year.

Carnival is meant to be a fun time and children and adults think up some marvellous ideas and dress up to entertain the public. We are lucky in Frome that several groups of Frome people have got together and established clubs who build floats and carts and enter our procession. Some now compete in the larger Somerset Guy Fawkes carnivals as well as the Wessex Circuit. They are in need though of someone helping them by letting them have the use of an area/building/shed in which to store their items, lorries and so on. Ideally somewhere local to Frome, so that they do not have to travel miles to work on their entry. If you can help please contact us.

On carnival day our small but hard working committee would welcome offers of help selling programs, marshalling and so on. Again if you feel that you can help us in any way please contact us.

Anyone who can organise an event, jumble sale, coffee morning or any other event to help raise money for this worthwhile local charity would be very welcome.








We hold a fun day once a year in July and anyone can join in the fun.

We hope that carnival and all it stands for will continue to grow and will be there in years to come continuing to help local people.

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