Frome Carnival 2013 Results

Afternoon Procession     |     Evening Procession

2013 Carnival Photo Competition Winners

1st - Teresa Cave 
2nd - Mick Munday
3rd - Liz Andrew

2013 Carnival Queens

Frome carnival Royalty

2013 Frome Adult Queen is Kelly Pleasants
Her 4 attendants are:
 Alex Morgan, Thea Penny, Jess Davies and Sarah Wingrove
2013 Frome Miss Teenager is Talie Aven and Courtney Wort

Carnival Queen

Frome Children's Carnival Queen

Chilren's Queen

2013 Frome Childrens Carnival Queen is Lilly Breese
Her 4 attendants are:
Melissa Cook, Megan Wright, Jordan Hayden and Bethany Couldrake

Carnival Granny


2013 Frome Carnival Granny - Sandra Dean  

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