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Carnival Results September 2022

Childrens Afternoon Procession              


Class one            Boys & Girls up to & including 4 years    

1st         The Chief            Harry Streets

2nd        Mama Squaw    Lily Streets

3rd        Miss Tumble      Aurelia Sims

Special Prize      Purple Butterfly Lola Rae

Special Prize      Batman Wystan Francombe Scott


Class two            Boys & Girls aged 5 - 7 years      

1st         Flutterby Fair     Ella Cooper

2nd        Spook   Jacob Marsh

3rd        Mary Poppins    Hally Hill

Special Prize      The Dalmation   Evie Boucher

Special Prize      Little Chief         Kai Newbury


Class three         Girls & Boys aged 10 -16  years 

1st         The Grinch         Just Ed


Class four           Couples up to and including 9 years       

No entries this year                     


Class five            Couples aged 10 - 16 years         

1st         Tea for Two       The Cheekey Monkeys

2nd        James & the Giant Peach             The Merlin Theatre

3rd        The Frome Dinos             Kiz Tomkins & Lillia Macley


Class six              Groups (3 or more) up to and including 16 years

1st         Wildlife Frome Girl Guiding

2nd        James & the Giant Peach             The Merlin Theatre

3rd        Swimming Club Frome Swimming Club

Special Prize      Gymnastics        Liberty Gymnastics


Class seven        Pre-schools and Nursery schools             

1st         Under the Sea   Pepperbox Nursery


Class eight          Schools Class    

1st         Jungle Book - the Bare Necessities           Oakfield School


Class nine           Decorated Trolleys, Cycles, Prams etc    

1st         Winner of all Races         George Howes


Class ten             Decorated Vehicles      

1st         Merlin Theatre 


Best Entry from 1st prize winners - classes 1 - 3  The Chief - Harry Streets             


Best of 1st prize winners - classes 7 - 8    Under the Sea - Pepperbox Nursery             


Chairmans Choice - Classes 1 - 3 Mamma Squaw - The Chief - Lilly & Harry Streets 


Chairmans Choice - Classes 4 - 6 Winner of All Races - George Howes      


Chairmans Choice - Classes 9 & 10           James & the Giant Peach - Merlin Theatre


The Most Original Interpretation of a Theme       Under the Sea - Pepperbox Nursery


The Town Crier Spirit of the Carnival Cup              Cornelia from the Rainbow Brownies           

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