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©David Chedgy Photography_Blue Smoke - Kippling CC_Frome Carnival Evening Procession_21st

Saturday 23rd September 2023

Carnival Sellers

Vendors form an integral part of our event. Please get in touch to register your interest in taking part in the event.

©David Chedgy Photography_Evening Procession Frome Carnival 22nd Sept 2018_MG_7741.jpg


With so much excitement and people who attend both in the parade itself and spectating, marshalling is a very important role. If you would like to volunteer please get in touch.

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With all the excitment and things to do, stewards are essential to help guide and advise our visitors during the event. To volunteer please get in touch.

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Getting Involved

There is a lot that is needed to run our event and volunteers are needed for a wide range of task, so please get in touch if you can help.

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Traffic Management

From visitors cars to large floats, there is a lot of traffic that need to be managed and guided in the right direction. To help please contact us via the link below.

©David Chedgy Photography_Blue Smoke - Kippling CC_Frome Carnival Evening Procession_21st

Enter in the Carnival

Taking part in the Carnival is an experience not soon forgotten! Applications will soon be open, but to register your interest please contact us to be kept informed as soon as details are released.

©David Chedgy Photography_Fishermans Tale Kippling & Co_Evening Procession Frome Carnival

Details for submissions for the upcoming carnival please follow the link below.

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